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Motorcycle Boots | Blackfoot Online Canada

Blackfoot Motosports offers a huge selection of Motorcycle Boots from premium brands around the world. Brands like Dainese, SIDI Boots, BMW, Klim, Alpinestars, TCX and much more.

Firstly, you do not need motorcycle boots by law but I must insist that if you were to get into an accident whether it was your fault or not, your feet are at risk.  I think you would agree that you need feet to walk and if they were damaged due to the bike falling on your foot with no motorcycle boot protection you would regret it.

Shop online at and get free shipping anywhere in Canada, 30 day return.

Here is the link to all the Motorcycle Boots

We want to also recommend one of the best brands for adventure riders, that is Sidi Boots along with another favorite from Germany, Daytona Boots

If you decide to get boots under $200 for adventure touring, be prepared to purchase another pair within a couple years as they do wear out quickly. That is why we highly recommend Sidi boots and Daytona boots when choosing motorcycle boots.

Ride or die. Protect or die. Gear up!

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