versace cologne

Versace Cologne

My quest to be worthy of wearing versace cologne continues, as I fail in life year after year, asking myself, why can’t I be a successful man? so that I can easily afford the luxuries in life and the precious accessories that come with it.Every man dies but not every man really lives.

“Do you stink?” Maybe that is what Gianni Versace thought about himself before deciding to wear some cologne, then thought to himself again, I should make my own damn cologne.  Over 5 different bottles such as Eros, Blue, Jeans, Dreamer, Dylan and Pour Homme have been shining bright in the fragrance world. Everyone wants iton their body, I dont blame them, so do I. The distinct aroma smell of versace cologne is luxuriously uplifting.

Women are seduced every hour throughout the world with men wearing cologne made by Versace. They may choose Eros or choose Man, either way, they are getting lucky that night.Not any man can wear this distinct brand, they must be lucid, they most possess a greater persona then the average, get it, at Lucid Persona. Free shipping in USA from New York with Love.


Gigi Hadid rocks Versace Perfume as the boys rock the dylan cologne.


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